Luna Lived Experience Network

Have you lost a parent or primary caregiver to suicide?

Would you like to use your experience to shape the way children are supported after a parent dies by suicide in the future? Join our Luna Lived Experience Network to inform and shape our work.

What is the Luna Lived Experience Network?

Luna Foundation is a newly established non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the support for children and young people after a parent or primary caregiver dies by suicide. We are growing a Lived Experience Network to ensure a diverse range of experiences influence and inform Luna’s work.

We know that those who have experienced the unique and specific grief that comes when a parent, or primary caregiver, dies by suicide, need to come together for their voices to be heard, and for the provision of support to improve.

Lived experience is in our organisational DNA as our CEO, Anna Wardley, lost her dad to suicide when she was a child, and formed Luna earlier this year to take forward the recommendations from her international research focused on improving support for children after suicide.

We have formed a Lived Experience Group, to connect with people keen to influence change, initially through an online working group.

Luna Lived Experience Network Members

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Important information

Please note that this is not a therapeutic/ grief support group, and we can signpost you to groups that fulfil such a purpose, if that is what you are looking for at this point in time. However, there will inevitably be secondary benefits of peer support and helping others, through your participation and sharing your story.

We recognise that if we are to deliver successful and meaningful services and influence change, then we must truly understand the needs and experiences of all those communities we are seeking to support. Luna is committed to listening to and working with people with first-hand experience of parental suicide. We want to develop support for children who lose a parent to suicide by working in partnership with people who have lived through the loss of a parent to suicide as their insight and experience is crucial to ensure we are meeting the needs of an incredibly diverse range of people. You can play a vital role in helping us to work in this way, an approach known as ‘co-production’, and you can help us to transform the way children left behind after suicide are supported in the future.

Next information session:

The date is still to be confirmed.

To register your interest for the Luna Lived Experience Network, please contact us here

Get in touch

If you’re interested in being involved in Luna’s Lived Experience Network (initially through the Lived Experience Group) or have any questions or ideas contact us via email:

Our interactive online workshop prepares professionals to support children and young people after suicide bereavement

We share our expertise with organisations to help them support children and young people left behind after suicide

We are working to influence policymakers to focus on unmet needs of suicide-bereaved children

Our library of collated multimedia resources to support children after suicide and those caring for them

Research on parental suicide

Read Luna CEO Anna Wardley’s Churchill Fellowship report on parental suicide entitled Time to Count.

Read the Report

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