Luna Suicide Bereavement Training

Our evidence-based training is designed for people working with children and young people.

Why is suicide bereavement training for people working with children and young people vital?

It is estimated that around 25 children lose a parent to suicide every day in the UK, amounting to more than 9,000 per year.

Therefore, the chance of your organisation knowing a child or young person who has been or will be affected by parental suicide is high.

Evidence suggests that children and young people who have lost a parent to suicide are more than twice as likely to be hospitalised for depression and are three times more likely to die by suicide themselves.

We are committed to helping you break this cycle of poor mental health and suicide risk.

Understanding what to say to children and young people who have lost a parent to suicide, where to signpost them for specialist support and what age-appropriate resources are available, can reduce their long-term emotional and psychological problems stemming from their complicated grief.

In the UK there is no national formal referral system or coordinated response service in place for children and young people who are bereaved by parental suicide, so organisations need to be proactive in order to be prepared to support them. Luna is ready to provide training for your organisation to equip you to provide timely support. 

Why Luna?

Lived experience

Direct experiences of parental suicide are at the heart of our organisation, with our training delivered by those with lived experience.

Unique training

The training we offer is unique in preparing professionals to support children and young people after the loss of a parent or primary caregiver to suicide.


Our training was developed from our CEO’s international Churchill Fellowship research on improving support for children after suicide.

Join our community

Everyone who completes our training has the opportunity to become a Luna Ambassador, a growing network committed to supporting children after suicide.

Online delivery

Training is offered online, to fit around busy professional schedules and maximising accessibility for participants throughout the UK.


We’re a social enterprise operating on a profit-for-purpose basis with any surplus reinvested in improving support for suicide-bereaved children

Luna Suicide Bereavement Training:

The lowdown

Maximum participants: 20
Duration: 3 hours
Method of delivery: online
CPD Accredited
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The trainer made us all feel welcome and delivered a difficult subject matter with sensitivity.

Danny W.

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