A group of people stand in a circle, each with a hand in the middle to connect with the others

First meeting for Luna Lived Experience Network

It’s rather fitting that on #TimeToTalk Day we can give you the exciting news that our Luna Lived Experience Network met for the first time this week. It’s a big milestone for us.

The members of the Luna Lived Experience Network all lost a parent or primary carer to suicide when they were children. By sharing their experiences of what followed – the good and the bad – they’re helping us develop the kind of support that’s most effective for children and young people like them, who need it in the future.

We don’t know the exact number of children who lose a parent to suicide each year as it’s not a statistic that is currently recorded – we’re aiming to change that with our #TimeToCount campaign. What we do know, however, is that the children whose parents kill themselves are twice as likely to be hospitalised for depression and three times as likely to take their own lives. So, it’s urgent and vital that support is improved for children and young people bereaved by parental suicide.

A very special moment

Anna Wardley, founder and CEO of Luna Foundation, said, ‘Drawing on the insight of those who have lost a parent or carer to suicide is at the heart of our mission, so it was great to bring our Luna Lived Experience Network together for the first meeting of the group on Tuesday evening.

‘On a personal level, it was a very special moment to see this group come together for the first time, to share their experiences with each other and discuss how they will work together to help us transform the support for children after parental suicide.

‘Common themes were the lack of support available, a feeling of isolation and the veil of silence experienced after losing a parent to suicide, and a shared commitment to ensuring other children who lose a parent to suicide receive better support.’

Next Luna Lived Experience Network Information Session

While the Luna Lived Experience Network is not a support group, there will inevitably be some benefit from talking together.

If you would like to be part of it, we are running another information session on Tuesday 14th March at midday. It’s online, lasts about an hour and there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

For more information and to reserve your space, you can book here.

Just a gentle reminder that this is only for people who lost a parent to suicide before the age of 25. We wrote a post explaining why and we hope you’ll understand. The Hub has links to many resources you may find useful.

If you’re looking for direct support at this time we can provide you with links to other organisations who can help.