You Will Be Okay- find strength, stay hopeful and get to grips with grief

You Will Be Okay (UK: Wren and Rook, 2021)  is written by clinical psychologist and founder of Winston’s Wish, Julie Stokes (who also co-authored Beyond the Rough Rock). It’s an accessible and comforting mix of stories, suggestions, support and activities to help young people understand and work through their grief. It is nicely designed with lots of doodle-style illustrations and interesting typefaces.


The book is not specific to suicide bereavement, but it acknowledges that this kind of loss can be particularly traumatic and encourages young people to seek specialist support. Page 100 has a section on how some of the suggestions in the book might apply to someone bereaved by suicide and shares two experiences of suicide loss.


The book uses examples of famous people that young people are likely to recognise. It shares part of their stories to help young people recognise that grief is everywhere and can be made part of life.

Suitable for ages 12-16 (younger children may benefit from reading with adults and older children and adults may find useful perspectives and suggestions).


Available via Amazon and most bookshops.