After a Parent’s Suicide – Helping Children Heal

Written by psychotherapist, Margo Requarth, who lost her mum to suicide at a young age, After a Parent’s Suicide- Helping Children Heal (USA: Healing Hearts Press) gives detailed suggestions for supporting bereaved children, both immediately and in the long term.


It has chapters on How Could This Happen? Telling Your Child, How Young Children Grieve (age 0-12) and Teen Grief. The following chapters cover Grieving Responses, Funeral Rituals, Religious and Spiritual Perspectives and then moves on to Back to School, Memory Building, Special Events and Anniversaries and Support Groups. The chapters towards the end are for parents themselves –When Your Spouse Carries Out Suicide, A Divorced Partner’s Perspective and Taking Care of Yourself. It also covers complicated suicides and mourning and mental illness in children. It finishes with a chapter called Grieving and Growing over Time :The Wonder of Human Resilience.


Although much longer than some of the other booklets and guides in The Hub, this book covers a huge range of topics in helpful detail with suggested approaches and phrasing wherever possible. It includes personal stories to illustrate the recommendations made.


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