Stacey Turner

I was 16 when my dad’s mental and emotional health started to deteriorate and three years later he ended his life by suicide. The impact affected every aspect of me and my familiy’s lives, trying to navigate our grief and analyse what happened.

Since then, I used my experience to train as a mental health nurse practitioner to support others suffering with ill mental health and suicidality. I am constantly learning and developing my knowledge through additional training and courses to support others. I am extremely passionate about suicide prevention, leadership and development of mental health services to make ‘every contact count’.

I was fortunate to have met Anna during a suicide first aid tutor training programme. I was instantly inspired by her lived experience, journey, devotion, and compassion in raising awareness on the difficult and emotive topic of suicide. Educating others to support children bereaved by parental suicide, is in my opinion, integral to prevent ill mental health and the impact unresolved trauma can have on the young developing brain. That’s why I am glad to support LUNA in their mission to improve the support for every child or young person impacted after a parent or primary caregiver dies by suicide.

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